Job search preparation checklist

job search preparation checklist

This post is dedicated to all of you who will be soon/are currently looking for a new (software) engineering job. I decided to gather all my articles related to job search preparation in one place to make it easier for you. Happy job hunting!

1. Prepare portofilio/ personal website

This is especially recommended for those starting their career in tech as you can showcase your skills and the most important project(s) you’ve done so far. You can have a personal website where you include a portfolio and/or a separate website for presenting your projects. In this article, I explained how GitHub can help you with your coding journey and a job search.

Benefits of using GitHub? You track your progress, have everything documented in one place, and can use it as your portfolio when applying for jobs (or reaching out to recruiters directly 😉 )

2. Update your LinkedIn profile

You have probably heard it already thousands of times: it’s important to have an updated LinkedIn profile. Not only it helps you to look professional and improves your credibility but also increases your chances of being approached by Recruiters/Sourcers/Managers directly (which means you won’t need to actually look for a job – job will find you).

This is why before every job search you should first spend some time polishing it. Check my post where I shared 14 tips for improving your LinkedIn profile.

3. Write CV / resume

One of the most important aspects of a job search – writing your CV. You’ll be using it for applying to a company directly, including on your website or/and add to your LinkedIn profile. Not sure how to write it? Looking for additional input? In this article, I shared my insights on how to write a CV.

4. Looking for a job

Once you’ve your portfolio, updated Linkedin, and prepared CV you’re ready to start looking for a job. But how to do that? Where to start from? Is sending your CV enough or there’s something more you can do to increase your chances of getting a job!

This post contains a “step by step” guide that all job seekers should check.

*** 5. Preparing for interviews ***

Congrats on being invited for the interviews! Exciting (and sometimes stressful) times are ahead of you.

Your interview preparation shouldn’t focus only on technical aspects (like coding). Make sure to do additional research about the company you’ll be interviewing with, make a list of your questions and dedicate some time for your soft/professional skills.

My tips in this article focus on 3 stages: before interviewing, during the tech interview / “live coding” part, and after the interview (yes, there’s still something you can do once you complete your process).

Thanks for reading & have a nice day,


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