Hi, I’m Ela Moscicka

Welcome to my website!

I’m a Software Engineer at Microsoft (working on Microsoft Teams) and a former Microsoft Talent Sourcer. Here you can read about my journey into Software Engineering.

I’ve spent more than 9 years in recruitment and while I enjoy my new life as an Engineer, I decided to create this blog so I can share career-related articles and advice that will be useful for Engineers, Recruiters & Talent Sourcers, Code Newbies and those going through a career change.

I’m a huge fan of networking, this is why you can find me on various social media platforms. Don’t be shy and get in touch with me. Also, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and be the first one to know about new posts.

Few facts about me:

  • Born in Russia, grew up in Poland, currently based in Prague,
  • I speak Polish, Russian, and English. Was learning Japanese for a few years (passed Nihongo Noryoku Shiken N5), tried also Korean (no luck here;). Currently learning Czech,
  • I was training professionally shooting from a sport gun when was a teenager (10-meter Air Pistol and 25-meter Pistol). Won 6th place on Polish Youth Olympics in Pistol competition,
  • I’m a big fan of Jo Nesbo and Andrzej Sapkowski’s “The Witcher”,
  • I don’t have a CS degree,
  • Coding in Javascript / TypeScript.

While learning to code I was:
  • Full-time Talent Sourcer & Mum 😉,
  • Attending meetups and tech events,
  • Having mentors (coding) and being a mentor (for my colleague(s) from the recruitment team as well as during programming workshops),
  • Active on social media.