Hi, I’m Ela Moscicka

Welcome to my website!

I’m a Software Engineer at Microsoft (working on Microsoft Teams) and a former Microsoft Talent Sourcer. Here you can read about my journey into Software Engineering.

Fun fact: I don’t have a CS degree and prior to joining the Engineering team I spent 9,5 years in recruitment (6 years as a Microsoft’s Talent Sourcer in EMEA Engineering recruitment team) where I helped hundreds of people land their dream job 😉

I believe that “sharing is caring” this is why I have decided to start this blog: I received a lot of support from the community when was going through a career change & my goal is to help others succeed in tech. You can also subscribe to my newsletter and be the first one to know about new posts on my blog.

I’m a huge fan of networking, this is why you can find me on various social media platforms. Don’t be shy and get in touch with me.

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Few facts about me:

  • Born in Russia, grew up in Poland, currently based in Prague,
  • I speak Polish, Russian, and English. Was learning Japanese for a few years (passed Nihongo Noryoku Shiken N5), tried also Korean (no luck here;). Currently learning Czech,
  • I was training professionally shooting from a sport gun when was a teenager (10-meter Air Pistol and 25-meter Pistol). Won 6th place on Polish Youth Olympics in Pistol competition,
  • I’m a big fan of Jo Nesbo and Andrzej Sapkowski’s “The Witcher”,
  • Coding in Javascript / TypeScript.

While learning to code I was:
  • Full-time Microsoft Talent Sourcer & Mum 😉,
  • Attending meetups and tech events,
  • Having mentors (coding) and being a mentor (for my colleague(s) from the recruitment team as well as during programming workshops),
  • Active on social media.