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Holly Lehman

I have followed Ela’s social profiles for a long time, and I am impressed with her knowledge. That’s why I contacted her and booked a  Personalized Career Consultation session. And that was an excellent decision!

I have worked for many years, but sometimes you need a fresh look at your career, goals, and how your CV looks and how it should look. I got an insight into what I could improve in my CV and LinkedIn. Also, her suggestions regarding building a personal brand were precious.

If you have concerns about your career or want to make your resume look perfect, you need to contact her!  
Thank you, Ela, that was awesome. Best,

Tomasz Szulczewski

I found Ela on LinkedIn where she used to post valuable career related articles which triggered my attention as they were answering my immediate needs. At that time I was looking to step-up in my career and take on a more senior role, after 14 years’ experience, extensive work and achievements, but lacking the self-confidence to make this transition, which otherwise seemed normal to me and people around me. So, I reached out to her and asked for support.

I was amazed by her immediate availability to talk to me, listen to my story, her fine ability to detect my issue which pretty much was an emotional blocker and help me overcome this blocker and instead focus on my strengths.

After only 2 talks I got a lot of courage and determination and confidence that I am ready for the job change and embrace a bigger opportunity, also being able to articulate my value proposition in a strong way.

Ela is very friendly, human oriented, empathetic, yet practical and result oriented in her discussions. She helped me polished my CV, fine-tune my career pitch and overall become ready, mentally & logistically, for a real interview discussion that would help me embrace a well-deserved new chapter in my career. 

Marketing Project Manager at Microsoft (Contractor)

Ela has been an important advisor in helping to develop 3 learning modules on getting a career in tech (“Start in tech as an intern).

Ela’s contributions have ensured the messaging is sound and correctly reflects the process and how to not only prepare for interviews but also how to network and make the most of an intern position.

The resulting learning path of modules is used frequently in many programs directed at students and have helped thousands to get a career in tech.

Chris Noring (Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft)

I am grateful to Ela and her blog posts. I had a job interview scheduled with Microsoft and found her blog when I was searching for tips.

Her posts helped me better prepare and gave me the confidence to go through the interviews. I even found some good ideas on how to interview them back and get a good understanding on what is the company’s culture like.

I am happy to say that I am now working in Microsoft 🙂

Joana Parreira (Software Engineer at Microsoft)

I was really pleased with the experience with Ela. I booked the 1:1 Consultation for a CV review and to get a second opinion about my career plans.

She provided insight into how my CV would look from a recruiter perspective and also shared some tips about the job application process.

She came to the meeting prepared and used the time effectively to address all my questions.

Now I am more confident about my resume and my next steps are clearer. I highly recommend her as she is really professional and honest in her feedback.

Aykut Alparslan Koc

The individual meeting with Ela made the process of changing my LinkedIn profile much smoother.

Already after the first conversations I felt she understood my problems and immediately gave me some examples of how I could solve them.

Ela is a very nice person and takes an individual approach to everyone. She is very passionate about what she does and her support was much needed for me in building my personal brand and improving my LinkedIn at the same time all in a very nice atmosphere.

Highly recommended!

Future Software Engineer

Ela’s journey into software engineering is inspiring, both for folks outside of the tech world but also for those of us already part of it.

In my case, Ela encouraged me to prepare for the technical interview and apply for a role at Microsoft, despite not having been selected before.

Her advice and recommendations have been invaluable to me and thanks to them I’m happy to say I’ll be joining Microsoft soon!

Software Engineer at Microsoft 🙂

Finding Ela on social media has been life-changing for me. I have over 4 years of experience working as a Software Engineer. Nonetheless, I am always open and happy to learn from others and Ela’s blog was not an exception.

Not only I’ve learned about what makes Microsoft such a special place to work (I would like to highlight here the article with Ela’s reflections after a year working as a Software Engineer at Microsoft), but I’ve also found incredible interview preparation material, such as the Interview Preparation Checklist and others.

All this information gave me insight into Microsoft’s culture and behind the scenes and how it reflects the mission and values of the company. It also equipped me with confidence that I have what it takes to go through the interview process. And recently I signed an offer with Microsoft. I am very excited about it and I wanted to say thank you to Ela for all the hard work!

Mariia Kornieva

I had a great pleasure benefitting from Ela’s 1:1 Consultation offer. Not only was she very responsive, energetic and professional but most importantly she provided me with the top notch tips on how to boost my CV and expose the invisible.

Now with this new resume, my candidate profile looks very attractive from a technological and business perspective. As well myself I feel much more confident about finding a new opportunity. Now it is just a matter of time.

I can strongly recommend Ela’s 1:1 Consultation offer absolutely to everyone and will certainly revert to it in the future.

P.S. It was a matter of time 😉 I got a dream job, in Microsoft! 🙂

Marta Jezierska

Big thank you Ela for helping me to land my first job. In my family I’m the first member working in tech, and without guidance job hunting is really overwhelming. I was applying blindly on several platforms for jobs and getting demotivated.

After reading two blogs of Ela I changed my LinkedIn profile and apply for a few more jobs and get hired as a ReactJS developer. So thank you Ela for being kind and helpful.

Shivam Mishra

I took part in a 1:1 consultation with Ela around beginning my Software Engineering career without a Computer Science degree, and I found the session extremely useful.

Ela was personable and down-to-earth, which quickly put me at ease, and very knowledgeable about the industry and recruitment into it. She gave some very useful tips and provided me with great resources.

Berenika Kotelko

I contacted Ela after various research on the internet seeking a career change back to tech – her career change story resonated with me instantly. Meeting with Ela was the right move for me as she has almost a decade of world class experience in talent sourcing and transition to the tech space.

Ela was also honest and detailed about her feedback while going through my profile and resume. For each review she made there were calls to action and golden tips on how to transform my LinkedIn profile to a more highly ranked profile. She gave me ideas and pointers on how to integrate keywords with respect to my field of interest.

This was the perfect session and I know it can only get better from here. Thank you for sharing your time and for your commitment to what you do to help others succeed in tech.

Michael Ifeanyi

I approached Ela with possibly a different situation to most others. I have worked in tech for the best part of 10 years, and always assumed I was not good enough to be a software engineer.

Ela took the time to understand my situation and what I was hoping to achieve. Her own first-hand experience combined with her history in recruitment were a great help in helping me understand my options and she was able to provide very detailed insights into how I should approach my goal.

During my time with Ela she helped me create an action plan including detailed steps I need to consider when moving towards my goal. In the past few weeks since speaking with Ela I truly feel like I have significantly more confidence and made more progress than I managed to achieve in the several years before.


I took part in some individual mentoring sessions with Ela and they were incredibly helpful for me. She showed me valuable insights and priceless market knowledge that is not available in any other places.

After describing issues that I met, she immediately recommends actions to be taken directly after meetings. I met with Ela several times and after each session and homework that I received, I saw the real progress in achieving my career goals. It’s worth underlining that Ela’s support doesn’t end after the session – she still sends me updated insights and any other useful materials.

P.S. As a previous Talent Sourcer she will definitely find details on your resume or LinkedIn profile that nobody hasn’t noticed yet, but these small details make a big difference

Rafal Zabinski

Ela offered free consultation for women in International Women’s Day(such a nice initiative) through her LinkedIn profile and I was one of the lucky winners!

Her advice about my resume and LinkedIn profile were to the point and exactly what I needed as a undergraduate student.Her previous experience as a Recruiter helped me understand what really counts in a resume or LinkedIn profile!

Thank you Ela for your advice and support!! 🙂

Christina Pardali

I went to 1:1 consultations with Ela, and she was great! The biggest advantage I can point out is that I gained new hope about achieving my goals.

Ela understood my problem immediately and where I wanted to be. She went overboard with advice, and she even expanded my network. I got an insight into what I could improve in my CV and LinkedIn, as well as some pointers in changing my approach towards my goals, which is product management in Big Tech. Would definitely recommend.

Thanks again Ela, and I’ll keep you updated on my career journey.

Mateja Koncurat

Thank you so much for reviewing my Linkedin profile Ela Moscicka <3 and for giving me insights on how I could make it better.


Ela’ s review was very helpful for my outdated LinkedIn profile. She took the time to understand what my goal is and gave a few amazing pro tips accordingly.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ela for career advice and 1:1 consultations.


I participated in the Ela’s initiative-Free LinkedIn profile review for #WomenInTech. And I can say that it exceeded my expectations! She carefully reviewed my resume (section by section, incluiding my LinkedIn URL) and she gave me uselful recommendations to get the most out of it in this moment when I am switching my career into Tech world.

For girls like me, who are starting the IT journey it is super valuable to count with this kind of support, so I really thank you Ela! 🙂


Ela’s initiative to review LinkedIn profile for free was great opportunity for all the #WomenInTech to get a job-ready profile.

She was very reactive and gave me insightful suggestions. She even compared my twitter and LinkedIn profiles and guided me on how to build a credible personal brand. I’m thankful to Ela for being an amazingly approachable mentor.

I highly recommend Ela for her 1:1 consultations and for the curated content she shares on this blog including career advices, tips and guidance.
Love & Support


I really appreciate the time and effort Ela took to review my LinkedIn profile through her outreach program on instagram, and the helpful pointers and advice received.

Wish you all the very best with the site and hope you can continue on this journey of helping and inspiring more and more women in tech to reach higher 🙂

good luck and thanks so much again!