My home office setup

Ela Moscicka home office setup.

Last week I posted a photo of my home office setup on LinkedIn and received a few questions about it. I decided to write this short article, so next time someone will ask me about my setup, I can just share it with them.
*This article wasn’t sponsored by IKEA 😉

1. Desk

Who doesn’t like IKEA? This is my desk and I fell in love immediately: it’s wide, spacious (150×75 cm) and I have enough place for everything. The price (~84 euro) also includes the drawer unit that you can see in my picture.

2. Chair

Say “Hi” to IKEA again and this very comfortable chair (I spent my entire day sitting on it).

3. Monitor

Even though I don’t play video games that often I decided to buy a gaming monitor: LG 34UC79G-B 34 Inch 21:9 UltraGear™ Full HD IPS Curved Gaming Monitor. I first started using it around a year ago and I remember I needed a few days to get used to it (I was still in recruitment, working on 1 normal monitor before switching to this model). It’s ultrawide and while coding I just split screen and have everything in one place.

4. Laptop

When joining Microsoft Teams team and switching my role to Software Engineer, I got a new laptop – I had lots of options but decided to go with Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 (i9 / 64GB / 1TB SSD / Nvidia T2000). You can find more information about it here (Polish version). I’m using it since October – it’s very comfortable to use and fast to work (code) and that is the most important for me.

5. Headsets

The one that I’m currently using are Jabra Evolve2 65: Good sound, battery life, noise cancellation & can finally walk around the room / flat while on the calls. Also, has interesting mute/unmute + join Teams call solution.

6. Mouse

I’ve been using Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse, you can read more about it here:

7. Speakers

The most ‘fancy’ from all those things.
Just kidding – they’re quite old and I got them from my husband when he decided he needs to buy new. I wouldn’t recommend them for D’n’B, but if you’re interested in the details it’s Genius Speaker SP-HF500A.

8. Notes

Someone asked me how come there’re no notes and the table is so clean. I’ve one secret: I keep everything in Microsoft OneNote. I started using it when I joined Microsoft Engineering Recruitment team back in August 2014 and continuing now. I highly recommend it for Recruiters, Sourcers, and everyone who takes a lot of notes and wants to have them all in one place. OneNote has a search option, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to find something.

Thanks for reading & have a nice day,

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