My shop, 1:1 Career Consultations, CV & LinkedIn Reviews!

My shop, 1:1 Career Consultations, CV & LinkedIn Reviews! By Ela Moscicka.

It was a long time since I last shared updates with you but I’ve been going through a long sickness (almost 2 months).

I also decided to pay more attention to my mental health and well-being by continuing therapy sessions with a Psychologist. It’s been 1 year already, I’ve made huge progress and finally feel that I’m at the right place 🙂

I wanted to let you know that I’ve started focusing on 2 areas – 1:1 Career Consultations and…. my shop!

Yes, I finally have a place where I’m selling my first digital products! 

When it comes to Career Consultations here is how I can help you:

  • 1:1 Career Consultation (1 hour or 30 min) to discuss any career-related topics you might have not limited to career development/change, networking, interview preparations, building personal brand/social media presence & more.
  • CV review (you can also buy my “CV Template”),
  • LinkedIn review,

All details related to booking can be found here: 

(P.S I’ve made it easier and you can book a 1:1 with me directly through my Calendly profile –

The second announcement is related to opening my shop

I’m currently offering 3 CV Templates as well as FREE ebook (more details below):

Ela Moscicka 3 CV Templates
Ela Moscicka 3 CV Templates

What you’ll get:

  • 2-page template – Microsoft Word CV (.docx),
  • Professional CV layout and design,
  • You caneasily replace, add, or delete sections making it into a 1-page version,
  • Change fonts, colors, titles, sections, and text,
  • This CV can be used by any profession since all text can be easily changed,
  • EXTRA: The CV template contains useful tips which will make the entire CV writing process easier!

FREE ebook: "How to get a job at Microsoft ...and other BIG TECH companies"! created by Ela Moscicka (

My plan is to create more affordable products for job seekers and later expand them to those useful for Recruiters/Talent Sourcers as well as Hiring Managers 🙂 

Thank you for all your support.
Have a nice day,
Ela Mościcka

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